Midterm Project so far

So far, i think our group has made a lot of progress. We have shot our own footage, and found interesting videos online that we can potentially use. I think the biggest milestone was getting started on the editing. We began to do some of the editing last week, because that is the most time consuming part of this project. An obstacle i think we might run into is finding music for the video. Music is an important aspect of this project. I feel like we a some what limited in our selection, and i don’t want to use cheesy free music that we might find. Another obstacle I anticipate is just putting the whole thing together, and making sure everything flows well. The storyboard will help for this, but things might also change since we last edited the storyboard. I am sure we will be able to deal with these issues once our group meets up a few more times.


Midterm Footage

So far, our midterm project has been coming along very well. We have been working very good as a team, and every member has been contributing to the project. In order to get the word out for this video, I would use social media. Sites like Facebook and Twitter are crucial to get the word out to a larger audience. These sites have also contributed to other video and pictures going “viral”. I think this would be the best way to get the word out. We would post our video to Youtube and Vimeo to make it easier for people to watch the video. I look forward to completing this project and seeing the final product.

Creative Direction for Group Project.

As a group we decided we wanted to make our video on spinal cord injury awareness. We want to raise awareness about how many people it affects and general information. We will use statistics, graphs, and information we find online. The audience we are making this for is other Rutgers students. We plan on doing some of our own filming, while incorporating  relevant videos we find on the internet. Everyone in the group is on the same page, and we all have very good ideas. I think once we all meet and bring our ideas together, we will come up with a really good video. Our storyboards will help us work on the creative direction of the video because they are layouts of what we want our video to be  I hope we make a very good video that will be featured on the Christopher Reeve Foundation website.

Top Blogs

The top blogs for our class . These were the blogs that really stood out to me.They are in no particular order

Love & Beats

I liked this blog because it was a music blog. My favorite aspect was the header. It is a really cool image and works perfectly for the blog. The layout and cool scheme were nice and simple.There was also a good amount of content on the blog. It had videos, pictures, and Soundcloud streams. There was also other links in the post which took you to other sites. Overall this was a very nice blog and shared quality content as well.

Dig In & Dine

I enjoyed this blog mostly because i really like food. The image for the header was a perfect fit for the blog. I also liked the video she made. It was an instructional video on how to make red velvet cake pops. The video was cool and made me want to try making some.   The restaurant review was very good. It was also cool that I actually knew of the place. I also look  forward to reading the other reviews she plans on doing.

Simple Photo Edits

I picked this blog because I recently became more interested in photo editing. The video content was the best part about the blogs. The tutorials were very well done and informative. I also liked the layout and thought it worked well for his blog.The header was cool as well. This blog looks very legitimate and professional.

Christine. A. Collins

I liked this blog because I also have an interest in radio.The layout of the blog was really good, I almost wish i had used it for my blog. The background image was also very nice. The movie review was a very interesting read. Overall, you can tell this blog is very legit, and has the potential of getting lots of views.

All Your Base

I liked this blog because it seems very interesting. The author also provided a lot of good content. There are many pictures and videos on the blog. The site is very easy to navigate. The header was good and relevant to the blog topic. The layout and general appearance is pretty simple, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. This blog looks like it has a lot of potential.

Midterm Blog

For my midterm project I created a music news blog. I wanted to make this blog because I enjoy writing about music. I also thought it would be appealing to a certain audience. The purpose of my blog is to help people find new music and keep up with bands. When I first started getting into music, I had trouble finding new bands. I remember only listening to bands that my friends would suggest. It wasn’t until later on that I found a couple sites that constantly posted new music in genres I liked. This is what inspired the idea for my midterm blog.

The blog is made up of four pages: Home, About me, Contact me, and Submit.  Home is where all of my posts go. The about me explains what my blog is all about. The contact page is for anyone that wants to contact me. The submit page is where readers can submit music for me to review and any music related news. I kept the layout of the site pretty simple in order to not distract the viewers. The color scheme is simple as well.

I provided a lot of content on my blog such as, videos, pictures, music players, album reviews, and general music news. For the digital component that we had to make, I made a video. The video was an interview with members from a band called Monsters Vs. Aliens. I edited the video in Windows Movie Maker, which was a real pain.  I had to edit the audio separately in audacity, and then put it back into movie maker. That was the only problem I encountered during this project. Overall, I enjoyed making this blog. I had always wanted to make a music blog and this finally gave me the initiative. I look forward to continuing my blog after this course is over.


Short Video

Roxy and Chester doing dog stuff from Andy Quesada on Vimeo.

This is a short video I made about my two dogs. The video is about 30 seconds long. Roxy is the Boston Terrier and Chester is the Lab. Roxy is very annoying, so this is just a typical day of her bothering Chester. This is video was fairly easy to make. I have used Windows Movie Maker before and the program is very simple. Editing video was a lot easier after learning how to edit audio. The song i used was “Triangles” by Chuck Inglish. I chose this song because i figured i would not run into any copyright issues since the song was off a mixtape he made, which was free to download. I also just wanted a simple instrumental rather than a song with lyrics. I decided to use my own footage because i could not find any videos on Vimeo that I wanted to use. The search function on Vimeo isn’t does not show the best results. For example, I wanted a video of cats, instead I found a video of Kate Upton doing the “Cat Daddy”, whatever that this. The only  real issue I had was that Windows Movie Maker is almost too simple.There really isn’t much you can do with it. All the effects seem like they were only made for photo montages. Another annoying thing is that you can not editing audio separately. I feel like for bigger video projects, Movie Maker is not the best option. The skills I learned from this project are really only useful for making personal vacation montages. The one plus about Movie Maker is that it is a simple program, and good introduction to video editing. Let me know what you think of my video.

Podcast Introduction

This is the introduction for a podcast i made. This is actually the second one i made because Soundcloud blocked my first one dude to copyright issues with the songs. That was pretty annoying. Besides that, I found the project kind of fun. The project was relatively easy  for, since I have been spending some time with audacity for another class as well. Like most programs, it become easier to use with practice. Even though i was easy, editing still takes longer than you would expect. I had to make a podcast for my other class and spent a day editing it. I chose to work with audacity because i am more familiar with it. I also own a PC, so it was easier to just do it on my laptop rather then going to the computer lab. I also think that there are more things you can do on audacity. Audacity is a bit less user friendly than Garageband. The main tools  I use were envelope, time shift tool,   selection tool, and trim audio. The only effects i used on the music were fade in and fade out. I lowered the pitch of my voice because i didn’t like how it sounded on recording. I used the change pitch tool to change the pitch on my voice. The songs I used were “Hammer Bros Instrumental” by The Cool Kids, and “Justice” by The Shield. Overall, I really enjoyed this project. I am starting to like using Audacity.