Creative Direction for Group Project.

As a group we decided we wanted to make our video on spinal cord injury awareness. We want to raise awareness about how many people it affects and general information. We will use statistics, graphs, and information we find online. The audience we are making this for is other Rutgers students. We plan on doing some of our own filming, while incorporating  relevant videos we find on the internet. Everyone in the group is on the same page, and we all have very good ideas. I think once we all meet and bring our ideas together, we will come up with a really good video. Our storyboards will help us work on the creative direction of the video because they are layouts of what we want our video to be  I hope we make a very good video that will be featured on the Christopher Reeve Foundation website.


One thought on “Creative Direction for Group Project.

  1. I agree that our storyboards are really the key to create the video we are reaching towards. It was a great way to get our information down in a fashion for all to see and critique. Once we meet, we can finalize the perfect storyboard and move forward. We seem to have the same idea on how we want the video to be constructed, so I’m excited that we see eye-to-eye on this. It will be awesome to have our other group members bring in their creativity when it comes to filming time, so our video is exactly what we want and more. I hope we are featured on Christopher Reeve Foundation site as well!

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